Gamers, Regroup At Bangalore's Only ASUS And ROG Certified Gaming Centre In Basavanagudi

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A hardcore gamer’s haven that hosts nerve-wracking gaming sessions on high-end dedicated gaming systems seven days a week. It’s the only gaming centre that’s certified by ASUS and ROG {Republic of Gamers}.

It's A Battlefield

Situated in the most prime location {near National College & Jain College} in the Basavangudi area, Antharal Gamebridge is a gaming haven. Populated with 1st and 2nd PU college kids as well as other college students all throughout the day, I had to wait for almost an hour to play one session of Counter Strike {CS}. Open from 9 am to 9 pm, Sumanth J who runs the game centre is an avid gamer himself which I found out after he royally schooled me in multiple CS maps. Apart from CS, other games include Battlefield series, DOTA series, and Call of Duty series. All these games are original and Sumanth also ensures that other latest and popular games on demand are made available too. There’s even a PS3 for the console freaks as well with the FIFA series a reigning favourite. Oh, did I mention it’s also great for those who think they’re still in college?

Gears Of War

Sixteen high-end dedicated gaming systems are what awaits every gamer. These stations are highly tuned with maxed out specifications {AMD, NVIDIA, and the likes} right down to the hardware that includes dedicated gaming headsets, keyboard, and mouse.

Mass Effect

The popularity of this gaming haven is not just the systems and the games, but also at the price at which you can game. For INR 40, you can play for an hour on the PC while the PS3 is charged at INR 100 per hour. Cool, right? Oh and here’s the best bit. You can buy snacks such as crisps and fizzy drinks in case you are binge gaming for hours to end. So, I’ll see you in the munchies queue.


On weekdays, 10 am to 4 pm are peak timings owing to the fact that most of the college students skip class and chill out here. In case you want to check out the place, be sure to reach here early.


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