Koramangala-Based Start Up Gathr Wants You To Get Back To Socialising Offline Without Smartphones


Break the norms of socialising with Gathr — a platform for alternative social events that aren’t fed to us by a screen.

A Series Of Unusual Events

When’s the last time you did something with your friends that wasn’t a lunch or a movie? Koramangala start up Gathr hosts and enables unconventional events for people looking for some really cool things to do that are out of the ordinary. The fact that most get-togethers in today’s world revolve around consumption — whether of edibles or entertainment — was something that just did not sit well with the founders of Gathr. And thus, was born events like Silent Reading Parties and Cycling Around, Street Art Hunting.

Gathr Around, Kids

“What’s the big deal?”, we hear you ask. Well, first of all anyone who has an event like Code/Word/Play, an amalgamation of poetry and computer programming, is worth talking about. Their other events like Rhymes over Vegetarian Haleem with Sabika, and their Surrealist Slumber Party {now that’s our kind of party}, sound like some truly offbeat date ideas, or even just something you can do alone. So, if you have any nonconformist ideas or want to do something new, check out Gathr.

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