Let Your Clothes Make A Statement On Equality With Gender Neutral Tees From MIXX

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Generation Mixx is breaking gender stereotypes one t-shirt at a time with its collection of gender neutral tees. A refreshing change in the clothing scene, this one gets two thumbs up from us.

Gender Bender

Making a strong case for gender equality, clothing brand MIXX is in the business of making gender neutral tees that work for everyone. With T-shirts that scream universal truths like ‘Boys Equal Girls’ and come in easy unisex fits and sizes for everybody, including kids, this is one brand that doesn’t believe in discriminating. Taking a step closer to an ideal world where people are given equal rights and opportunities regardless of sexuality and gender, fashion and clothing choices are a good place to start and Generation MIXX is that kind of brand worth supporting as they aren’t afraid to get political. All the tees are made wholly with cotton {organically sourced, they claim} and made in India. The blanket price is INR 999 for the adult sizes and INR 749 for the kid’s sizes.

Everyone Is Equal

if you’re looking for flattering cuts in a bunch of chic and stylish patterns and designs, this isn’t the brand for you. But if you’re looking to make a strong statement, this definitely is. Their product is basic and comes in a monochromatic colour scheme, with a white tee with black text on it. The kid’s collection comes in a chirpy turquoise that is fun and drives an important message home to the little ones. The packaging it comes in also has an eye-opening text on gender equality splayed across it. So go ahead, buy your tee and help create a gender neutral tomorrow. Shop for the tees here.

Available Online