Top Plum Cakes To Order In Bangalore To Get Into The Christmas Mood


    If there’s no plum cake in your life right now, you’re missing out on one of the season’s tastiest baked goodies! What’s Christmas without a soft, freshly baked cafe, absolutely stuffed with juicy, flavourful dried fruits and spices — perfect for an evening snack with tea, a post-dinner treat or even something to pair perfectly with your wine. Get your Christmas on this December by picking up the best plum cakes in the city to go with wine.



    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    One of the city's most popular spots to flock to for anything dessert, there's no reason why one mustn't do the same for rich, moist plum cake. Lavonne doesn't mess with a classic, their recipe boasts of nuts, raisins, warm spices and alcohol, of course. They also add orange peel, and cranberries for extra decadence. While here also look for Stollen, a cake-like Christmas bread with fruits, nuts and spices. Head to their outlets in the city to pick 250gm and 500gm versions of the same. You will have to pre-order for anything bigger.

    Price: On request.

    Melt It Down

    Melt It Down is lighting it up this Christmas with their delicious assortment of treats that are non-alcoholic, vegan, and gluten and refined sugar free! Basically, your chance to indulge guilt-free! There is a Fruit Cake that is filled with apricots, figs, black and golden raisins, this is soaked (as is traditionally) but in a spiced orange juice, yum! Priya is also making an ooey-gooey Sticky Date Pudding and just the sound of  that makes us happy. These are sweetened with dates and have a rich caramel sauce. In addition to these, there will also be what's called Christmas Bliss Balls in flavours like Pistachio Cranberry, Matcha and Walnut Brownie Fudgie. Time to make your Christmas lit! Best to pre-order the fruit cake at least a week prior.

    Price: INR 1,200 for 500gms of Fruit Cake, INR 300 for Sticky Date Pudding Jar and INR 800 for a box of 8 Christmas Bliss Balls.

    Thom’s Bakery

    A classic haunt for anyone sweet tooth, this classic Bangalore bakery makes the list for their famous plum cake available all year round. Always soft and crumbly in all the right ways, you can expect a rich and oh-so flavourful plum cake that doesn’t skimp on the fillings. Thom’s is also very pocket-friendly, so this might just be your go-to gift this season for your family, friends and coworkers! Keep an eye out for their Christmas-edition sold by the kilo and topped with marzipan frosting! Be merry this Christmas with delicious goodies from Thom's. Plum cakes are available all year round.

    Price: INR 150 for 300 grams

    Happy Belly Bakes

    Happy Belly Bakes

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    With the ingredients soaking in a brandy mix for over a month, you can rest assured that Happy Belly Bakes’ plum cake will be the talk of the season. Moist, rich and sufficiently boozy, we usually load up on the traditional cake from this bakery to last us until about March! Christmas time is here, it's time for joy and time for cheer. You can order the 250gm and 500gm cakes via Swiggy and Dunzo, but if you're going big, which you must, make sure to pre-order by calling 9945001555.

    Price: 500gms is priced at INR 650 and 1kg is for INR 1,300.



    Ulsoor, Bangalore

    What is Christmas without Nilgiris plum cake! Available in all shapes and sizes, from a mini 100gms pack to the massive kilo ones, boozy, loaded with dried fruits and plenty of butter, they are neatly boxed and ready to give to your friends and fam. Christmas time is all about plum cakes with red wine so hop on the bandwagon and pick up some! Plum cakes are available all year round.

    Price: INR 150 upwards. 


    Infinitea's plum cakes pack a punch and will truly lift those Christmas spirits! We say this because their dry fruits (cranberrries, raisins, datesm apricots, cherries and much more) and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) are soaked in rum and red wine. To make it more decadent they also only use brown sugar and a mixture of apple and orange juice. These are available in 250gm and 500gm right off the shelves for 1kg cakes you will have to pre-order. Vegan versions of these plums can also be made, you will have to call and pre-order in advance.

    Price: INR 600 for 500gms and INR 1,200 for 1kg



    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Koshy's is iconic and so is their 18-ingredient plum cake that has a bunch of mix fruits, nuts, eggs and a special Jamaican rum. This treat literally sells like hot cakes and are available in different sizes. While you're ordering this you may also want to splurge on other Christmas cakes and cookies. Plum cakes are available all year round.

    Price: INR 640 for 1 kg

    Fatima Bakery

    Good 'ol homemade plum cakes are in order at Fatima Supermarket & Bakery. Patrons flock here in big numbers to get a load of this baked treat full of tutti frutti and nuts, especially during Christmas season. If not anything, you should definitely order their plum cake for a slice of nostalgia. Plum cakes are available all year round.

    Price: INR 60 for 100gm

    Sugar Therapy Cafe

    The Sugar Therapy Cafe is sought after for their delicious Chocolate Babka, entremets and other Insta-worthy Parisian desserts but come Christmas season, it's their rich, decadent plum cake you must go after, made in the traditional style. The plums cakes will be available up until Christmas and you can WhatsApp 9916618120 to order.

    Price: INR 470 for 500gms and INR 850 for 1kg



    Available Online

    This up and coming local Instagram food delivery brand is loved for its South Indian style hot prawn and pork pickle that is slowly turning into a city fave! And for Christmas, the brand is playing Santa with not only a rich Rum Plum Cake but a whole hamper full of Christmas goodies! It is called a Kuswar Hamper full of Christmas edibles, from rum plum cake to rava ladoos, rose cookies, chakli and more (read 13 things)! It's a Mangalorean tradition to make and distribute these hampers. Noted that these hampers are available only till 17 December and are limited in number. Place your orders ASAP at 9008169499.

    Price: INR 749.