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Get These Luxe Placemats And Coasters To Make Your Table Look Richer

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The Bling Edit

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What Makes It Awesome

When people desire a luxurious life, we most often forget that it’s an entire lifestyle shift they are after. Here, we focus on the dining and decor aspect with these luxurious placemats and coasters from The Bling Edit. This brand harps on precision and exquisite detailing in its products and it also has a repute of ensuring customer satisfaction through its quality products. They style their products with ingenuity and imbue luxury into all their products through the use of high quality materials. If you’ve just struck gold or if you wanted to add more to the pile you’re already in, read on.

Best known for their coasters, we loved their Chevron Coasters in silver and black. The polymers and decoratives to make the products make a fine amalgam that with its simple criss-cross structure won us over. Their Criss-Cross gold and black coasters are also something we’d urge you to buy if you’re in for a more abstract intricate design. Now if you want that little more bling to your tableware, go for their placemats that emanate luxury. How? Through their table mats that have this criss-cross rose cut design in gold and silver. These are arranged in a rectangular manner with a classy silver border to add a rich feel to the mat. You can even get the silver rose placemat that has a circular structure.

What Could Be Better

More variety in terms of prints would always be welcome.


They even sell envelopes, napkin stands and coin-holders. For occasions, you can buy their gift packs as well. Just get in touch with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature.