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Change the way you look and feel with Vegan Fitness Trainer Roshni Sanghvi!

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Roshni Sanghvi

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What Makes This Awesome?

Has the current situation and change in lifestyle got you thinking about how to improve your body and health? We’ve got just the thing for you. Roshni Sanghvi, a vegan fitness trainer and plant based diet coach, can help you with a fun and exciting transformation journey. Her methods integrate wellness and lifestyle modification as the centre point for body transformation.

If you’re wondering what plant-based diet means, it’s basically food that comes from plants and does not include any animal products. It’s also the only diet that not only prevents but has the ability to reverse lifestyle related diseases such as PCOS and diabetes. RA Fitness, founded and run by Roshni Sanghvi has clients from across the globe. She hosts live digital fitness sessions and also has one-on-one coaching sessions in place to help people with fitness and weight loss. 

Her approach is a mix of desi nutrition with a global twist and she uses nutritious food as medicine and to remedy hormonal imbalances. The high-carb diet and fitness approach that RA fitness has to offer is unique and has long term benefits. Signing up with her means you can get personalised meal plans, and detailed fitness guidelines by accessing her app. There are a variety of exercise regimens and combinations such as animal flow, vinyasa yoga, mixed martial arts, body-shred and metabolic conditioning for you to choose from. Waste no time, check out the website and make smart and conscious choices for long term fitness and health benefits!