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Go The Healthy Way With This Brand’s Snacks And Grocery Products

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s Possible, not just the fact that you can be healthy but also the brand that will lead you to a healthier life. Possible sells health foods, snacks, supplements and other grocery products such as flour, ready-to-eat batters and other mixes. From the start of the day to the end, their product line is such that it keeps your dietary needs in check. We’re talking refreshing sips of teas to health boosting capsules of vitamins and mouthfuls of high-protein rotis. Of course there’s munchies like seeds and granola bars amidst the mix of products (see what I did there). 

Start with an all-rounder such as the brand’s TruFibre (a fibrous powdered blend of fennel, basil seeds, chia seeds and more) that can be had with milk early in the morning. This is a combatant to all your obesity woes as a fibrous start is good for the gut and also increases immunity. If you want a lighter affair, go for the brand’s Hibiscus Tea which is rich in Vitamin C and is naturally sweet. Now when lunch comes beckoning, try their Multigrain Hi-Protein Atta Premix that has 50% more protein than regular mixes, courtesy the pea protein, amaranth flour and sorghum flour. The brand also has a cocktail if you want to rejuvenate after a tiring mid-day shift. Not alcohol, this is a seed cocktail that has flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, muskmelon seeds and bishop’s seeds. Contrary to all the damage alcoholic cocktails do, these keep cholesterol in check and are good for respiratory health.


Get the brand’s Sania Mirza breakfast and snack collection that have an assortment of products and even an autographed mouse pad by the Tennis pro.