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What Makes It Awesome

Remember as kids, we’d all cherry-pick to our leisure gummies of our favourite flavours and stuff our mouths with them ? Turn back the clock and do it again! But they’re unhealthy with exorbitant amounts of sugar ? No, they aren’t. Not when Healthyments sells Vitamin D infused vegan gummies that are tasty, chewy and even good for your health. Backed by scientific research, these soy-free, GMO-free gummies aid in good sleep, boost immune systems, stimulate healthy hair growth and even help in weight loss!

The brand’s black currant flavoured Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are not just tasty, they improve digestion, hasten weight loss, serve as a remedy to sore throat and even detoxify your skin. Had a tiring day and need some good sleep ? Try the brand’s strawberry flavoured Sleep Revital Gummies that ease fatigue, enhance mood and provide relaxation due to the melatonin present within. These come with a soft sleep mask as well!

For those of you hair conscious peeps, the Hair Vitamins Gummies help in keeping the scalp healthy and hair shiny due to their rich biotin content. Now these times have drawn a lot of focus towards immunity and the brand’s Immune Support Gummies help in keeping your immune systems just fine. These have elderberries which are rich in antioxidants and support your immune system. Each container has 60 gummies and you’re recommended to take two per day. Who knew a gummy could do so much, eh ? Don’t be a dummy, place your orders for the gummy, right here on Shop for LBB.


If you want all of the goodness in one, try the brand’s Multi Vitamins Gummies that come with all essential vitamins and do all the jobs in one go.