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The Big Chicken Rolls At This Little Joint Is New BEL Road's Top Food Secret And It's Only INR 50

    New BEL Road, Bangalore


    Hungry but you need to tighten those purse strings? Got 50 bucks to spare? Then Sahi Durbar’s rolls will solve your hunger problems!

    Space Jam

    Bringing in all the college kids in by the hordes, Sahi Durbar scores high on tasty budget eats. A small joint packed to the gills with college-goers from around the neighbourhood, Sahi Durbar is basically a takeaway eatery. While they do have the tall tables meant for standing and eating it’s almost impossible to find space — which is a testimony to their food, after all! The place is always crowded, so it might seem quite daunting to go inside and place your orders. Just get an over enthusiastic pal to play waiter for  you so that you don’t have to venture into the mad throng.

    Just Roll With It

    Priced between INR 30 and INR 100, the rolls here will keep your tummies and wallets full. The liver chicken roll is a hot favourite but if liver isn’t your thing, try the double egg double chicken roll. Just like its name, that roll packs a punch like nothing else. It’s juicy and filling and you’ll probably want to have a really late dinner, if not skip it altogether! I have actually never had a roll that big before and just for INR 50! They also have some of really good paneer and vegetarian rolls.

      New BEL Road, Bangalore