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With This Minipresso, Espresso = Espresso + On The Go

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What Makes It Awesome

So, here’s a personal anecdote-- everytime I’d go to corporate offices or probably relax at an airport lounge, they’d have these cool coffee machines that would whip up the brew of your choice just by the press of a button. Be it Americano, Affogato, Macchiato or the good old Cappucino and Latte, that one machine would do it all. Now I’d love to have a machine like that at home but since that wouldn’t be viable, we stumbled upon this super machine-ato. Folks, behold the Minipresso by Wacaco!

The Minipresso is a compact, light and durable coffee maker that eases the process of having your favourite cup of joe whenever you’re on the go. Here you can have your own shot of espresso whenever you feel like and have it personalised according to your needs for whatever drink you want to make, be it a macchiato, a cappuccino or an affogato. All you have to do is add hot water to around eight bars that blend with smaller quantities of ground coffee to make your perfect shot. This has a semi-automatic piston that uses the optimum amount of pressure in transforming the homogeneous mixture into the perfect sip. What’s more? This Minipresso is hand-operated, uses no batteries and no electric power of any sort. This machine of magic is also compatible with coffee makers, is easy to wash as you can dismember the parts and wash with soap and water, with ease.

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