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House of Mamta

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What Makes It Awesome

An artistic upbringing coupled with a relentless love towards paintings and art drove Mamta to start House Of Mamta. House of Targaryen and Starks fade in comparison to this artistic house as the brand’s hand-painted artworks win hearts, not wars. This is a customised art and lifestyle brand that curates artworks in traditional as well as abstract prints and designs, all with the agenda to liven up your spaces. It’s the paintings, guys. They’re the real deal! You get paintings of all types, be it using acrylic colours, line art, pop art, watercolours, framed or unframed and even in various sizes, from A5 to A2. 

Walk into their studio or get in touch with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature and you will get exactly what you’re looking for. The bestseller is the Royal Buddha Painting, vibrant with rich shades of red and golden rather than calm tones usually reminiscent of such paintings. They also boast of their abstract mixed medium paintings, most notably that of the Underwater Life that incorporates the use of ink and line art to make something totally surreal. As these guys deliver to patrons worldwide and not just in India, their Pichawai Art paintings are also much adored. These paintings essentially include portraits of Indian culture and art forms that seem to have been brought to life by lively, rich colours. For markets and patrons abroad, they sell digital soft copies whereas for those in India, there are options for getting framed and unframed paintings apart from digital copies. 

Prices start from INR 450 - INR 10,000 depending on the size of the artwork.


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