Up Your Gifting Game With This Brand’s Trays, Earrings And Bookmarks

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What Makes It Awesome

We were often told in our childhood days to do a good deed everyday and that as a consequence, an equal measure of joy would be bestowed upon us. Such was the drive that we were to even count our good deeds everyday. While we may not still be kiddos, we can still do our good deeds by gifting someone these personalised, handcrafted and organic gifts from Ayya’s Art. We’re talking bookmarks, earrings and wooden trays that have some marvellous art done on their inner surfaces. Keep the good deed count on and plan a surprise, give your dear one these and watch their smile illuminate your day.

Ayya’s Art will keep all the ‘aiyyos’ at bay with their range of awesome Mango Wood trays. These trays have designs painted on them, those like solid colours are usual but they also have some wonderful mythological deities and intricate geometric lattice designs that add many more elements in their trays. Use these trays as trays, wall-hangings, paper holders or just as a container for all your loose belongings like keys, etc. The brand’s bookmarks with their unique paper cuts and coloured tassels were also full of joy with colourful depictions on them. Lastly, if your loved one is fond of earrings, try the brand’s Nakhara collection that has some whacky earring options. Go for the jhumkas and naths that are adorned with stones, bells and colourful threads. They also have flat paper earrings with artwork on them. Enquire Now on LBB and place your orders!


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