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We Love To Sneak Out And Go Canvassing Around About In These Shoes

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Now guys, footwear is non-negotiable and we hope you know that, rather, we're sure you do because of the range of footwear your wardrobe boasts. However, what you might not be sure of is that LBB Shop offers these cool printed sneakers that are the right kind of funky for casual meetups. Pair these sneakers, available in comic/graphic prints, coloured designs, digital designs, patterned contrast prints with just about any plain outfit and up your fashion game a few notches. These aren't necessarily loud, but just add the extra cheer factor to your getup. Now that you know what this is about, please go and read the headline and come back for what follows (see what I did there #Ilostcount). 

Men Handpainted Camera Sneakers From Funky N Trendy

Men Handpainted Camera Sneakers


These handpainted camera and goggles sneakers are certainly funky and trendy as the brand's name suggests. Handpainted with water resistant paints and with a sole made of PVC, the dark shaded, printed sneakers are a wonderful addition to your shoe collection. The camera and goggle design on a black canvas upper material go best with a white or light coloured outfit. 

Unisex Comic Design Canvas Shoes From Rivir

Unisex Comic Design Canvas Shoes


This one's for all you guys who want to go full Ranveer Singh with your sneakers. The brand's comic design canvas shoes have all your kapow, boom, poowww prints that come in comic book bubbles. These are visually appealing especially if you're into action comics with stars and dynamites. The shoes have a cushioned insole for maximized comfort and a canvas top rather than a cloth farbic. 

Men Aztec Printed Patch Black Sneakers From Urban Pitara

Men Aztec Printed Patch Black Sneakers


We fell in love this brand's sneakers for its white Aztec prints on a black faux leather shoe look, it gave out major David Rose vibes! These sneakers have a TPR sole material and white laces which lend these sneakers an overall dual-tone look. You could wear these with any dark coloured outfit and stay outdoors for long periods of time without any discomfort.   

Men French Fries Graphic Sneakers From Funkfeets

Men French Fries Graphic Sneakers


Come house parties, casual coffee dates or just a quick plan to grab a bite, these french fries sneakers are what you must wear. Funkfeets offers a rubber sole and a canvas outer fabric with prints of fries on them. The only thing missing is a McD branding with the colours on offer here, but overall, these sneakers are ideal for those of you wanting to try something different but are caught in a web of confusion. 

Men Multicoloured Tile Printed Slip-Ons From Badhuche

Men Multicoloured Tile Printed Slip-Ons


Think of yourself as the human version of musical tiles in these multicoloured tile-printed slip-ons from Badhuche. Easy to wear as these are without any laces, the sneakers are supremely comfortable. They come with a rubber sole material and a canvas outer covering. Quirky and offbeat, we highly recommend you try something different this time around with these slip-ons. 

Men Timon Red Sneakers From Alberto Torressi

Men Timon Red Sneakers

Comfort, exemplified. Style, top notch. What more do you want? These red sneakers from Alberto Torressi offer all of these for those of you looking for fancy footwear best suited for all time use on the grounds or just on a trip to the mall. Made from genuine leather and a super comfortable insole, these sneakers come with dotted white patches that essentially make the print. Not extra, the warming red colour will add an additional dimension to your outfit. 

Unisex Handpainted Smoke Pipe Slip-Ons From Jolaa

Unisex Handpainted Smoke Pipe Slip-Ons


Jolaa's made to order hand-painted smoke pipe slip-ons instantly caught our attention, all due to the unique design of the bright yellow smoke pipes painted on the grey-ish coloured slip-ons. These are without laces and look just superb on any outfit you guys are planning (well, not formal ones though). Rubber sole and a canvas outer fabric make up these sneakers that scream coool from the very outset.