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This Studio’s Stone Pour Over Drippers Makes Coffee Time A Better Experience


    What Makes It Awesome

    Let’s tell you how a coffee pour over dripper works-- The curly object you see in the image is the main vessel within which goes a filter of the same shape. There is ground coffee present in the filter and hot water is poured over. As the hot water pours through the filter in the dripper, it takes with it the finest brew. There’s a brand, the name is Studio Jiwe. It makes pour over drippers from stoneware in colours like pink, yellow and lavender. They also have an exciting range of jugs, vases and tumblers. 

    When you get a blend of art and design that is easy on the environment, here’s what you call it - a dream. These guys claim to live upto it with their artistically crafted, minimal tableware, and which is, stuffed with class, or shall we say glass. We also loved the brand’s tumblers, plain and built in an abstract shape. Available in black and white, the jugs and vases are made in a similar fashion with unconventional shapes and sizes. If you’re a sucker for modern art (the ideas of which still confuse me), you will love their products. They even have a white and sage coloured coffee pour over dripper and a mug set of a similar fashion.