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Snack And Train Healthy With This Brand’s Plant-Based Vegan Supplements And Nuts

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What Makes It Awesome

It isn’t honestly tough to lose/gain fat and gain lean muscle mass you know. It’s just the diet bit that has to be rejigged and the muscle growth that has to be slogged for. Whereas the diet modulation can be based on your body type and what you’re after, we are here to help you with muscle repair and growth after all that iron you’ve pumped and the salt you’ve excreted. Green Nutri Power is a brand that specialises in plant based protein supplements for weight loss/gain, muscle gain and mass gain. All vegan! The brand also sells cashew nuts of various flavours as well. 

Aim to get jacked ? Have the brand’s Green Muscle Builder Protein Shake powder that contains 27g of protein per scoop and is perfect for muscle repair after a strenuous workout. However, if you aim to get buffed up, like a tank (read: Sergeant Jeffords from B99), try the Green Mass Gainer that is easily digestible and has much more proteins compared to the carbs compared to other mass gainers. Now if you’re into losing the extra inches, get the Green Slim Protein Shake that contains Ayurvedic herbs and antioxidants that help in reducing appetite and burning excess fat. 

Having said all this, you might doubt the ‘vegan’ bit in all of this. Well, the truth is that none of these supplements contain dairy products. They use pea, brown rice and moong proteins to keep the dairy additives out of the picture. You can also get yourself a post-workout snack of cashew nuts in peri-peri and chilli-garlic flavours.