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Get That Critical, Creative, Crazy & Kind Virgo The Perfect Gift From This Guide

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Beginning August 23 until the end of September, Virgo is the zodiac sign that's all about being a trustworthy friend who's attention to detailing is of a whole different level. This list, curated by a Virgo herself so it's written from experience, is for all you folks looking what to gift the Virgo in their life. Be sure to bookmark this recommendation as we'll be constantly updating it for better gifts for Virgo. 

Organising Thoughts

IMI Studios

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A Virgo loves organising their thoughts and is always penning them down on notebooks. As cliched as it sounds, but this Virgo notebook from IMI Creations is a good start -- it's a simple ruled notebook with enough pages. Mad Fat Monkey also has a Virgo spiral-bound notebook for you to consider along with this colourful daily planner

Unusual Jewellery


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If it’s unusual, a Virgo will love it! So if you’re looking to gift a Virgo jewellery, then make sure it’s unique. Madiha Jaipur is a brand that makes very unconventional jewellery and adds wood, gold plating, and semi-precious stones to jazz up the pieces. This emerging brand from Jaipur also wins our hearts as the products are all made by local artisans. This textured charm detail ring is a hot favourite, and is as unique as a Virgo personality! Or check out the two-tone interlocking ring.  For simple-looking but stunning stuff, check out Zero Kaata and Satat. Be it cut-outs, hoops, layered drop earrings or geometric rings, concentric circle drops or arrows, it will catch the Sniper eye of a Virgo!  

Soothing Colours

Indian Dobby

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When it comes to colours, most Virgos keep it muted and true to the earthy nature of their Zodiac sign. So think sage green, pale yellow, grey, they’ll love it. But that doesn’t mean they are boring. Check out these Kyoto trousers from Rareism for example. Or perhaps get them something muted, but with a pop of colour, and for that Indian Dobby is our pick! Especially this two-tone overlapping dress that is both yellow and green! 

For bags, look no further than Old Tree for functional, earthy and trendy bags. Your Virgo friend will love you! Since jade and blue sapphire are the birthstones for Virgos, maybe giving them something featuring either of those will win you brownie points! We love Mels Jewelry, based out of Bangalore as she works on unique pieces with pure silver, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.

Pick from earrings, neckpieces and bracelets that are not over the top and can easily be worn daily. And the best part of, she picks the stones personally from her travels so expect some real one-of-a-kind pieces. Especially in jade. Another option is Glint by Ambika for very interesting jewellery. As for blue sapphire, well, it’s a bit out of our budget so we going ahead with just the colour of blue sapphire for now in the form of classy, embellished court shoes by Dune London.

Just Books

The best books to read based on your zodiac signs are a bit tricky since books are really subjective, but we think given Virgo being an analytical kind of person, nothing like. a mystery book. Megan Miranda's The Girl from Widow Hills is a thrilling murder mystery that you can start with. It's a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick too. Swedish writer Camilla Läckberg's The Golden Cage is another crime thriller you can gift.  

Lavender, Ylang Ylang And Chamomile

Divine Aroma

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Fragrances Most apothecaries will tell you Virgos like to be calm but are constantly on the lookout for perfection so the two don’t always meet. Hence, they need calming and rejuvenating fragrances to keep their balance in check. And when I say apothecary, I mean a person who claims they know Zodiac sings! Could also be neighbour who once read a book on this, and knows not much. But what we do know is that lavender is a crowd favourite. 

As is chamomile, ginger and ylang-ylang. So head over to the Beauty & Bodycare section on LBB and get lost in a world of aromas. A few drops of this pure lavender essential oil is a great option, as is stuff from Soap Square. But the best is a mix of the lavender and chamomile tea by Nutty Yogi which you can buy here. Or the Ylang Ylang and lavender body wash.

The Finer Details


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Since Virgo is the perfectionist in the zodiac signs, they'll always want to stay ahead of the curve. And we can't think anything better than the Amazon Echo Dot. Pay bills, play games, listen to music, set reminders, and alarms, shop for stuff, and listen to the news -- there's a lot you can do with this. Trust us, since we use this and we absolutely love this. You can pick the 3rd Gen one, or the newer 4th Gen option. Honestly, the older one looks sleeker

One With Nature


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Virgo's find house plants fascinating and one of the plants that they like are moth orchids. Even if you can't get them that, you can always gift them cool plants from Palasa, a Bangalore-based green decor company that ships Pan-India. You can also check out this list of plants that not only add greenery but are air purifying too! Did you know that you can also shop for cool planters on Shop On LBB? Check out 1BHK for their cool terrazzo planters. We love this 3-Legged Alien Planter

If your Virgo person has a balcony, then you HAVE to check out this list of how to make a Pinterest-worthy balcony or patio.

Coffee For The Virgo

Virgos are fairly conscious about the environment, and are very particular about being fair wages. So, get them anything that supports the local farmers, and they'll be happy! We highly recommend brand like Baarbara Coffee which comes straight from the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary and Maverick & Farmer too.

We also know Virgos are VERY particular about the coffee flavour. Why? Because I am a Virgo and I'm saying so! No matter what kind they prefer, they are likely to stick to that for the rest of their loves. If you know the kind of coffee they drink, then check out this varied list curated of the best coffee in the country, tried and tested by Team LBB. 

Lunch Gift Set For The Perfectionist


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They will LOVE you for this. Not only is this lunch set by Urban Creative zero waste, but it's so pretty and perfect! Conprising beeswax food wrap for left overs,  a travel cutlery wrap, an organic bag and a cotton napkin, just get a cutlery set to add to this, and give it to the Virgo you know will appreciate this. If you're looking for cutlery, we recommend this Rose Gold set from Nestasia, or the Rainbow Steel from ONEarth