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Come Birthdays, Go Old-School And Gift Bae A Proper Mixtape Courtesy This Brand


    Ditch the chocolates and roses this V-Day, and gift your SO a mixtape of 10 perfect songs in the perfect order courtesy My Tape.

    Love Is A Mixtape

    As Rob Sheffield {contributing editor at Rolling Stones} said in his memoir Love Is A Mixtape, “There’s always a reason to make one”. And this time it’s Valentine’s Day. Instead of having to subject your SO to another batch of chocolates and roses, My Tape wants you to give them a Mixtape V-Day Hamper. Along with the mixtape CD, {we are a bit sad that’s it’s not actually an audio cassette} the hamper contains two artworks and one handmade greeting card. All for INR 399. Oh, and in case you don’t have a CD player, you can gift an e-mixtape as well. Which is pretty cool because then it’ll always be on bae’s playlist.

    Remember The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘s Charlie meticulously making a two-sided mixtape for his friend Patrick? My Tape makes it simpler allowing you to list out a maximum of 10 songs you think should be on your mixtape, which by the way, you can name. Word of advice when making a legendary playlist: start and end with a bang. Pick songs that both you and your SO will love to listen together and separately. But if that’s too hard for you, just mention the genre and artists that the two of you like. Leave it to My Tape’s team to do the curation. Once you are done with the mixtape, choose your artworks and greeting card designs. Check out by entering your SO’s shipping address.

    Mixing It Up

    Single much? You can sign up and get a specially curated mixtape based on your interests {genres and artists}. Naturally, we ordered a mixtape for ourselves, and we found that it takes quite a while for your mixtape {e-version} to upload on your profile. We’ll update you once we get our mixtape. Apart from that, you can also request for curated playlists that suit particular events or sessions as well. If you are throwing a house party, you now know who to hit up for a lit song list.

    You can gift a mixtape here. They ship all over India, free of cost.