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Girl Not Interrupted: Get Some Serious Swag On A Skate Board With Girls Skate India

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Bring some serious street cred and girl power to the skating community, Girl Skate India is a community of women who skateboard! Bring it on.

Wheels Up

Have you been tripping over the stellar video by Wild Beasts, called Alpha Female? Yup, the one with girls of all ages, in all kinds of clothes — from shorts to saris {the sari clad ladies are from namma Bengaluru}, taking to the street on a skateboard. How amazing was that music video! If you’ve been inspired to take up boarding as a hobby like us, then you should be introduced to Girl Skate India {GSI}. Started back in 2014, by who is considered the country’s first female skateboarder, Atita Verghese, this community came to life in Kovalam.

Skate Cred

Created by Verghese to help connect girls and ladies who skateboard, this cool club is the first in India of its kind. Apart from building a community, the aim is to also help anyone this skill without being judged, and more specifically to let women take to the sport dominated by men. GIS now has training classes, skate jams and even tours. In fact, last year they kicked off the Girls Skate India Tour which saw about 14 of these alpha females hitting up skate parks across the country, teaching anyone interested in skate boarding. And being naturally inclusive, despite the name, boys too can learn from these ladies.

Board Much?

If you already know how to skateboard, just need a board? These folks will be happy to rent out skate boards to you. And if you’re super serious about the sport, maybe you can even get them to design a mini skate park in your home, graffiti and all! Or better still, if you’re benevolent enough to sponsor a community skate park, hit them up. We’re very pumped and after practising this weekend, and next time around, we’re all for ramp skating, flips and tricks. Go on, join the revolution.