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Tea Amongst Coffee Country? Glenlorna, Coorg's Only Tea Estate


    The only tea estate smack in the centre of the coffee-dominated Coorg, the Glenlorna Bungalow {part of the Tata Plantation Trails} is an ode to splendour of nature and all things old-school.

    Tea-ing Off

    Imagine weaving through coffee plantations, towering trees wrapped with pepper creepers, and a crisp wind in your hair. Perfect right? That’s Coorg for you. Unless you chance upon Glenlorna — the sole representative of tea in the entire coffee district! The meandering drive-way serves as a time machine and by the time you reach the quaint single-storey bungalow you’re back in the early 1900. But take a detour first… Named for the children {Glen and Lorna} of the original owners, the tea estate rolls on for while a few hills, and it’s a great idea to quickly head off to the factory to see how the final product is manufactured. Why? Well, because the first tea bush was planted to start the estate back in 1914, and the same ones are still blossoming. Also since the homestay is so cosy, you won’t leave it until forced to.

    Bungalow Diaries

    Right, back to the bungalow. Slanting roofs, two arched porticos, red-tiles on the floor and four-poster wooden beds is what welcomes you. With a cup of tea, naturally. You can settle into one of five bedrooms which are simple but comfortable. Think homely beds, interesting wooden cupboards, and thankfully large windows so you never miss the magnificent view. Oh, and air conditioning since the temperatures can soar during summer.

    Games People Play

    Quite a way from civilisation {don’t grumble yet — there’s TV and WiFi}, it’s a great opportunity to just amble along the paths through the tea, and for brilliant photography during sunsets. Do take along a few board games and cards as it’ll only add to the fun. Their manicured lawns are perfect for some easy cricket, lagori {Seven Stones for the fancy folk} and even good old frisbee. They also have treks that are especially great if you’re interested in bird-watching.