This Home Baker Will Sort Out All Your Gluten-Free Needs And Cravings

Navya posted on 15 February


Shwetha Muthanna, a city-based baker, is waging the war on gluten with her successful enterprise — The Gluten Free Bread Boutique. The line-up includes breads, organic preserves, muffins, kombucha tea, whey pops, alcohol cakes, and gluten-free flour mixes. Phew!

Bake Me Happy

In 2007, when she received a special order for gluten-free bread, Shwetha Muthanna, an experienced baker, admits she didn’t know what it even meant. She, however, took on the challenge and after a year of experiments mastered the art of gluten-free. Since then, Muthanna has amassed a loyal clientele in the city.

She specialises in gluten-free breads and makes plain sandwich loaves for INR 400. The flavoured ones like Chia and Quinoa, buckwheat, and cinnamon raisin versions come at INR 450. Muthanna also markets Paleo and Keto diet friendly breads that are made exclusively from coconut, almond, or watercress flours {INR 500 – 600}.

Goodies Central

The thing that sets Muthanna apart from the run-of-the-mill baker is that she mills most of her flours. And also uses almond, sunflower, or walnut butter to make her goodies. She grows many of her veggies and herbs that she adds to the breads, muffins {INR 50 a pop}, and tea cakes {INR 1,000 for about 800 grams} on offer. Her Spirulina Cupcakes sell like hot cakes, we hear. And so do her Alcohol Cakes {INR 3,000} that come in Pina Colada, Orange and Vodka, and many other boozy flavours. 

The fruits that she grows usually end up in the jams, preserves, and relishes she offers through the year. Right now, she’s offering a spiced Starfruit jam, and also a spicy chutney that she’s made with the fruit. You can also pick up kefir milk and cheese, a fizzy whey pop that can be a great substitute to your sugar-loaded colas, and Kombucha Tea. Trying your hand at baking gluten-free bread? She’ll supply the flour mix and the xanthan gum that you need.

School’s In Session

Muthanna also conducts online classes {priced between INR 3,500 – INR 10,000}. You can sign up for a basic class or an advanced course that will teach you the finer details of gluten-free baking. She plans to open up a baking school and a restaurant on her farm in Hennur, later this year.


You can find Muthanna’s products on QTrove, that delivers throughout Bangalore and India.