Go Au Naturale With Ayurvedic Cosmetics & Handcrafted Bathing Bars From Soul Spa

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What Makes It Awesome

Luxury is handcrafted and there is no denying that! So, if you want the good things in life, know that they only come with the 'handle with care' and 'use with love' signs, like Soul Spa rightly advocates. Revitis Soul Spa is bringing fun and relaxation of a home spa with its range of premium bathing bars and Ayurveda treatments. They are loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients and we are thankful. 

Speaking of natural ingredients, let's dive into what's up for grabs. First, the handcrafted bathing bars. They are delectably fragrant, not to mention, great for your skin and come in cute sized square shapes, packaged in a matte black cover. The selection includes a Creamy Vanilla and Enchanting Rose, the Ocean Blue Aloe Vera radiating whiffs of freshness (men, this better than cologne one's for you), and the Haldi-Kesar soap that imbibes the fragrance of oudh and sandalwood. 

We are recommending the Lime and Thyme bar, that's enriched with the zesty fragrance of fresh lime and natural thyme. This bar with its antifungal properties helps fight acne. The Spicy Orange crafted with orange oil, orange peel and aloe vera is another choice men can explore. All their bars are priced INR 250 upwards. You can also gift a box full of luxury! 

Soul Spa has also recently begun a line of Ayurvedic Cosmetics that feature pure essential oils, natural hair oil for hair growth and sulphate, silicone and paraben free hair cleaners.


Shop On LBB or Soul Spa's website and treat yourself today! 


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