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Gobble Me Up, The New Churro Destination In Town

Amrita posted on 18 January


Hazelnut, Cinnamon and Sugar Dusted Churros and Dark Chocolate


Spanish Hot Chocolate

Winning for

Perfect for snacking, these sweet treats are also easy on the pocket.

What to eat

Dive straight into the Mini box first, without much further ado. because here you can get to taste, not one but three kinds of churros, albeit in mini sizes (4-inch). Take your pick of any of the three churros available and if you like any of them, then go for the regular sized one. We tried a Mini box with a hazelnut, dark chocolate and regular Cinnamon dusted one, which came with a choice of chocolate, raspberry and vanilla fillings.

The simple cinnamon and sugar dusted churro was our favourite with its simple flavours giving away to chewy chop pastry and then gooey chocolate. This was followed by the hazelnut stuffed churro, which was rolled in rice crisps and came with a nutty after tone. The dark chocolate was competent enough, but we thought it could have done better other than being rolled in regular sprinkles.

Eating churros here is a pretty messy affair, so keep a box of tissues handy. Once you bite in, be assured, lots of sticky filling will be all over your hands and face. But who said eating dessert was going to be a non-messy affair. We wanted to try the savoury Cheesy churro on the menu, but unfortunately that day, it wasn’t available and neither was the banana fudge. We made up for it with a Spanish Hot Chocolate and ice cream milkshake though and are happy to report that we’re fans of the dark rich hot chocolate and the milkshake is a lovely soother.

The DL on the ambience

A little cart (in the QSR format), Gobble Me Up doesn’t really offer any ambience, except for the one that the VR Bengaluru food court can provide.

So, we’re thinking…

Give the usual cupcakes and chocolate truffles a miss and instead embrace these Spanish sweet treats. And if you feel too guilty, go for the mini sizes.

Where: Gobble Me Up: The Churro Destination, Foodbox, 2nd Floor, Food Court, VR Bengaluru, Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevpura

When: noon-10.30pm

Contact: +91 9611103499

Price: INR 100 upwards for a regular size and INR 135 for a Mini Churros box

Find them on Facebook here.

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