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#GoHereEatThis: Chicken Roll At 7 Plates In Kalyan Nagar Is The Bomb

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7 Plates pride themselves in having some of the crunchiest and freshest rolls, which includes teir signature chicken kebabs, fresh salad, and some really light mayonnaise wrapped up in a soft rumali roti.

Roll Me Another One

After you’re done with your first one, be ready to order another because no one can eat just one. Eat it as a quick bite when you’re on the go or just relish it as a meal; you can never go wrong with it! What makes it even more special is the fact that the lightly fried chicken kebabs inside are bite sized and go rather well with the salad, mayo, and mint sauce.

The secret isn’t so much in the ingredients but more so in the consistency of the roll and the way it’s structured to give you that flavourful crunch. It’s the perfect combination of being not too dry or too moist and it’s that same texture that will make you come back for more. Whether you’re eating it for the first time or the 20th time, the experience will possibly remain the same.

What Else Is On The Menu

While the chicken rolls are worth savouring, the rest of the menu is a treat as well. From kebabs and rolls to good ol’ North Indian cuisine {on a budget} these guys have it all!


7 Plates has branches in Frazer Town And RT Nagar too.