Head With Your Squad To Tuck Into The Arabic Kabsa At This Tiny Joint In Kalyan Nagar

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Head over to Kabsa House restaurant in Kamannahalli to tuck into a massive mound of fragrant rice served with chicken or fish and a bunch of delicious condiments. Say hello to the Arabic Kabsa, perfect to be shared with a friend or eaten all by yourself.

What Is It?

Long grained rice is cooked with meat, vegetables and a mix of spices such as cloves, black peppercorn, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf and more. Served with yoghurt, a tomato-based gravy, some fried bread, and a large piece of chicken or fish, this wholesome meal will leave you satisfied for hours to come!

Kabsa for the win! Don’t expect to be wowed by fancy interiors or fine china here but what the place lacks in decor, it makes up for it with the most welcoming ambience. With options to sit inside the restaurant or outside under trees, you are in for a relaxed experience and hearty food, and that too on a budget.

Family Matters

The restaurant is a family run business and it shows in the quality of service. You can also mix and match your meat options for a more varied meal. One order of the dish is usually enough for two people but, you can always eat one by yourself as well {and you just might because the food is rather great}. A meal for two people costs around INR 500, so it’s extremely easy on the pocket as well.

What Else Is On The Menu?

The catch of the restaurant is that it serves only the Kabsa dish. But what they also serve is a mean plate of French fries and your meal is best enjoyed with a tall glass of coke. If you are vegetarian, don’t worry, at Kabsa you can order the rice without the meat as both are cooked separately.


The restaurant however does not accept credit or debit cards, so do carry your cash along. Fun Fact: Kabsa is the national dish of Yemen!