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Head To Gokarna And Catch The Sight Of Glow In The Dark Beaches!


    If you like treks and beaches, then you’re in for a joy ride! Trippr hostel in Gokarna arranges special night treks to watch phytoplanktons glimmer along the beach.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Trippr Hostel in Gokarna is popular for its curated activities, one of which is the night trek to Paradise Beach for phytoplankton viewing. What are they, you ask? Microscopic bioluminescent organisms that live in water and cause it to flicker like shining stars, and from a distance, make the water look like it glows. The trek starts at 11 PM and goes on till about 2 AM. The whole journey from Trippr to back, including cost of transport, trekking, tour guide, campfire and story telling sessions is priced at INR 300 per person for a group of six people. You can avail these facilities even if you’re not staying at the hostel.

    The distance between the starting point of the trek till the entrance of Paradise beach (this is the plankton's habitat) is three kilometres. A campfire is set up on the beach where people gather and enjoy the natural spectacle together. The tour guides then share stories and incidents from their lives in Gokarna. Anyone with basic fitness can partake in this activity since the trek is of beginners' levels. If you're tired of the usual drinking, we suggest taking the weekend out to travel.


    The waters along the West Coast are murky and so the tour guides at Trippr usually follow the lunar cycle to check dates of new moon nights, since phytoplankton is best visible then. So be sure to call them up in advance and find out dates of their night treks.