Join The Paddle Pushers Club At South India's First Kayaking School

    Vivekananda Nagar, Bangalore


    Learn how to paddle, steer, flip and roll in a kayak, at South India’s first white water kayaking school, GoodWave Adventure.

    Get Paddling

    Granted that we’re good and proper landlocked, and the closest river is three hours away, but that is no reason to not get paddling, right? Of course, right. That is why, Goodwave Adventures, a school of white water kayaking is a breath of fresh air {water?} in this CrossFit and cycling-engulfed city. So they’ve done all the ground work, discovered the where, how, when and what of kayaking over the past few years, and now they’re South India’s first of river-based adventure outfit.

    Learn The Ropes

    Since kayaking is not about strength but about technique, these guys teach you just that. Level 1 is a quick one-day intense course which will teach the basic concepts of using a decked kayak. So you’ll be getting comfortable with the gear, the boat and then you’ll need to master rescue {mostly of self, to begin with} before you learn to paddle, and control the kayak. Stopping, turning and even ging backwards all comes under this level.

    And we’ll go ahead and presume you’ll be hooked to this sport so the following levels will teach you Eskimo Rolls {remember the Go-Pro videos when kayakers go under and flip back up?}, paddling in rivers and then the big boy of them all — navigating white water rivers. Oh! They also offer certified courses. And you’ll be in safe hands because the team consists of the only certified Level -4 American Canoe Association (ACA) Whitewater  Kayak Instructors.

    All Aboard

    Once you’re ready to take on the canyons of the world, head off on one of their trips. Kerala, the Cauvery course and Hoggenekal Falls area are their most sought after ones. Great to meet fellow paddlers, it’s a real community of passionate people, and we assure you, you’ll feel the rush.

    Price: Trips start at INR 7,000

      Vivekananda Nagar, Bangalore