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This Unique Initiative By Gopala For U Hopes To Promote Organic Practices

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What Makes It Awesome?

You can now own your own Desi native cow, get milk for free and don't worry about maintenance. How you ask?

Gopala For U is a unique initiative that allows one to own a cow and not worry about the hassles of maintenance. You buy a cow. Native breeds like Punganur, Sahiwal is what they highly recommend and propagate you to own. The maintenance, breeding, feeding and shelter of the cows are taken care of by the compassionate folks at Gopala For U.

You pay maintenance fees, and all the products given by the cow, be it milk, urine, dung are yours. If you don't want all the products, the products are made sure to reach people who need them, and you end up making an extra earning from those products. The milk is only delivered in glass bottles and cloth bags. So they are eco-friendly too. The feed given to the cow and practices here are all completely organic. The cows are let loose around the farm and are allowed to graze on natural feed like it is meant to be.
The dogs on the farms, the families that live on the farm, and the friendly owners are always open to most people;
So feel free to drop by and visit anytime. They would be more than happy!
They hope to make this educational for kids and like-minded people to learn about organic practices and taking care of cows.

How nowadays the "in thing" is to get a piece of land on a farm and plant your own veggies, taken care by someone else; This is the way forward in an urban setting like ours where people can breed cattle and benefit from it without worrying about space or maintenance.

What Could Be Better?

The farm is located after Kanakpura road, which could be a distance for people. But makes for a good long drive.

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