From Bachelorette To Baby Shower, Order Cakes For All Occasions From Here

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Gorgeous Cakes specialises in creating highly customised cakes, with or without fondant - from a pair of blueberry boots, to a chocolate pirate's booty!

What Makes It Awesome

Looking for customised cakes that look less like cake and more like, literally anything else? Gorgeous Cakes lives up to its name with their customised cakes and desserts, and taste just as good. 

Decadent chocolate cake that’s in the shape of an actual chicken, baby shower cupcakes (with little fondant booties and bowties or hats if you’re particular about gendering the cake), pirate treasure chest, or an idyllic gardens - it’s all fully customisable. We’re also going to go ahead and let you know that they won’t turn down adult themed cakes, so if you’re hosting a bachelor(ette) party, feel free to contact them! For the less adventurous, there’s always good ol’ fondant or plain cakes with icing. While the fondant/icing decoration is done by hand, you can opt for images to be printed out as well if you’re a stickler for those details. 

As for the flavours, you can get the classics, or a fresh fruit flavour, and any type of icing be it whipped, ganache or buttercream. All available in the eggless variety as well. If you want to bend the line between sugar and reality, they even do sugar flowers, or actual flowers, if you’d rather not eat them, to decorate. Upon request, they’ll even incorporate other inedibles like dolls, figurines, personalised notes, and jewellery. 

What Could Be Better

They don’t deliver to all parts of town as some cakes don’t do well being outside for too long, considering our wildly unpredictable traffic. So you might have to go pick up the cake.


The head baker Leena Sawant occasionally takes classes as well