We Found The Most Gorgeous Dinner Date Spot Right Here In The City And It's Magical

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are looking at gifting bae the perfect romantic date night, with an elaborate seven-course dinner to boot, then the trek to Grasshopper, on Bannerghatta Road, might be totally worth it. Set in a sprawling farmhouse, owned by Himanshu Dimri and Sonali Sattar, it is hard to believe that Grasshopper is located just five minutes away from fumes and traffic-laden Bannerghatta Road. Once you enter, you will be welcomed by bamboo thickets, gentle pools, and the restaurant setting is completely al fresco with candlelit tables (yes, mark this spot for romance 101), and fresh flowers. All set to the tune of soothing jazz in the background and admire the twinkling lights and the stars. 

Before going to Grasshopper, you will get a call from Sonali, to ask you about your dietary preferences. Once you have made your choice between beer, wine or mocktails, just sit back and enjoy the ambience with its candle-lit tables and freshly cut flowers. Try the cucumber gel with fresh cucumber, cream cheese with tarragon and flying fish roe (A proper winner). Next try the grilled zucchini, broccoli on minted pea puree with feta and pine nuts or lamb rounds with red wine sounds if you prefer non-vegetarian food.

Taste the salad made out of seasonal greens, oranges, black olives, walnuts, and oregano. You have to do desserts at Grasshopper. They have a lovely panna cotta and other interesting options but you need to try the dark chocolate ganache, paired with a slightly pungent mustard ice cream. The five-course meal is priced at INR 2,200 plus taxes per person and the seven-course meal is priced at INR 2,800 plus taxes per person. The prices don’t include drinks in it.


They also have a small, minimalist boutique on site, where you get clothing made of natural fibres. 


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