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What Makes It Awesome?


Located in VR mall, Bengaluru - Maziga is the Modern Indian Cuisine restaurant. Curated by Chef Javed Ahamed & team, the menu is huge with known dishes but with a twist. This is not just a regular place but this is more of an experience where Chefs would want you to enjoy the flavours that are served on your plate.

Consider this place for special occasions or for casual office meetings and for a great time!

With a huge crystal chandelier, the place is LIT & the Wine selection kept as decor around the walls looks very sophisticated.

I went here to try their 15-course meal which is curated by Chef Ahamed which is truly a gastronomical experience that blows my mind.

#Chat Masala Yogurt Spherification: Before we start off the menu, we are served with Chat Masala Yogurt Spherification. This looks like a big pearl shining in the spoon. One gulp & you will get a hint of what to expect next in the meal.

#Multani Chicken Shorba: Nothing, as I tasted before with almonds, the entire taste was very different. Served nicely in a special bowl.

#Murgh Tikka Caesar Salad: Never been a salad lover until I had this dish, Probably my most favourite dish in the entire meal. Freshly grilled chicken tikka with crispy croutons along with lemon juice. Best salad I've had will definitely come back just to have this. Highly recommended!

Starters :

#Methi papdi Chaat: fresh curd with pomegranate seeds on top makes this chaat a must try :)

#Old Delhi Golgappa: Great presentation for golgappas on a special tray, ao better have them before they get soft with all the stuffing!

#Peshwari Bharwan Aloo: potato which is stuffed along with dried plum, cranberries with a good quantity & feels quite filling for tummy too!

#Murgh Tikka Quesadilla: Desi twist for the Mexican Quesadilla, shredded chicken and cheddar cheese served in tortilla wraps plated like a pizza is very inviting to enjoy a generous amount of cheese makes it awesome!

#Roti Pe Boti: minced mutton kheema made as a spicy version is served on khasta paratha. It was soo good!

#Maziga baked Alaska Murgh Tikka: Boneless chicken marinated with spices cooked in tandoor. Topped with egg which is placed like a foam, tasted good, but egg foam didn't have much impact on it.

#Lamb galouti Kebab: The royal Lucknawi delicacy which is made to shine at Maziga Kitchen. Lamb which was minced like a soft paste is pan-grilled to perfection.

Mains :

#Maziga Chooza Tikka Makhni: Smooth tomato gravy based chicken tikka curry is a must try with roti basket #MustRecommend

#Maziga Dal makhni: All time favourite Dal Makhni finished with tomato puree is topped with butter. Wish the taste can be a little better.

#Parada Nashi Subz Biryani: Flavourful basmati biryani cooked with veggies topped with saffron to give the nice colour. Pretty decent!

#Ulte tawa ka paratha: Another Lucknawi special paratha goes well with the above curries.

Desserts :

#Haldi wali Kulfi: Who thought that someone shall make kulfi with turmeric as the base.

#Kurkuri mysorePak Halwa: Crispy Wonton filled with a thin layer of the mysorepark inside is my favourite which is given in glass containing rabdi made of mix berries

#gulab Jamun Sufta: Gulab jamun mixed with rose flavoured rabdi is a pretty interesting dish. Absolutely loved it!

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₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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Family, Big Group, Bae