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Killer Asian Cuisine Only At China Bistro

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What Makes It Awesome?

A few of my colleagues from work wanted to visit some new Asian place so that they could try a variety of different dishes from the belt. So we decided on this place based on the rating, and I can say that we weren't disappointed. We tried almost everything ranging from drinks, appetisers, main course and desserts, and enjoyed it all. Right from the moment, we stepped in, we had a great time. The staff was nice and courteous and always willing to help us decide what dishes to order. In terms of speed, the service was quite prompt and they were always attentive to us. They serve alcohol as well and had an amazing offer on for those. Also, they have an amazing weekday lunch buffet with 399++ for vegetarian items and 449++ for non-vegetarian items which I believe is a steal! That being said, the following section gives a brief overview of all the dishes that I tried:

For drinks I tried:

Mango Basil Melody (8.5/10) - This contained mango juice with a hint of basil through the use of fresh basil leaves. The basil flavour was nice and subtle and made for a refreshing combination. It was also quite cold, as it was served on a bed of dry ice in the water.

Coffee Mocha (8.5/10) - Another nice option, always safe to order. This was a blend of cold coffee with some chocolate and it wasn't too sweet.

Jasmine Tea (8.5/10) - A must-have for me at all Asian restaurant, this was again quite refreshing, and for a person like me with a sore throat, this was like a blessing in disguise. It acts as an amazing palate cleanser for the desserts as well!

For food I tried:

San Choy Bao (8.5/10) - A vegetarian Bao with a lovely filling. It was spicy, tangy and had that salty edge from the use of soy sauce. Containing generous amounts of tofu and shitake, the filling had a nice bite to it and I loved the varying textures from the tofu, shitake and the Bao bun itself. One drawback, however, was that the bun was slightly on the dense side. Otherwise, a nice dish worth trying!

Asparagus Tempura Roll (9/10) - I loved this one for the various contrasting textures and flavours. It had asparagus tempura at its centre which was nice and crispy, and thus with the soft vinegared rice outside tasted amazing. Served with soy sauce, this was absolute heaven to have.

Chicken Basil Dumpling (8.5/10) - Another amazing dish, which from the looks didn't look very appetising, but the flavours and textures were amazing. It was nice and moist on the inside, and the chicken was flavourful.

Fire Roasted Mandarin Chicken (9/10) - My favourite non-vegetarian dish of the night, this was again marvellous. It had chicken skewers on a coal grill served right on the table. The dish packed lovely flavours with a bit of tang and spice and was extremely succulent. We liked it so much that we ended up ordering another serving right before the main course.

T-Hoi Chicken (8.5/10) - A delicious sweet and sour chicken dish, with finely diced chicken pieces, this tasted amazing with just steamed rice. It had so much flavour in itself, and the consistency was just thick enough to coat the rice perfectly, and not feel too heavy in the stomach.

For desserts I tried:

Buddha's Fu (9/10) - A one of its kind dessert with loads of drama around it, but all worth it. This had various elements such as Mango Pannacotta, Vanilla Ice cream, Chocolate Mousse and Caramel Syrup. Each element in itself was amazing, and all of us ended up liking a different one. All in all, an absolute must-have here.

Overall, I just loved this place, and will probably be coming back again for more. Their buffet options sound quite economical, and that's what my eye is on for my next visit. Everything comes together quite well, and hope that they can sustain everything in the future as well.

What Could Be Better?

The fish dishes were bland and had a lot of coating.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids