Shiitake, Elm And Pink Oyster Mushrooms: This Local Service Harvests Fresh Mushrooms For Your Eating Pleasure


Chomp on freshly harvested mushrooms and homemade snacks from Green Apron, a Bangalore-based up and coming food brand. 

What Makes It Awesome

Helmed by lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, Namrata Goenka, Green Apron is one of the rare brands, in the city, to specialise in harvesting mushrooms (of the eating kind!). Get in touch with them and they’ll hook you up with fresh shiitake mushrooms. You can also sign up for delicate elm oyster, pink oyster, and grey oyster mushrooms. If you are a sucker for fresh ingredients that are grown in sustainable environments, then Green Apron is perfect for you. 

Apart from the mushrooms, the brand has other delicious offerings like dehydrates fruits that you can buy off their website too. As of now, you can order up packets of dehydrated jackfruit (a favourite with customers) and dried, spiced amla. They also sell red rice and black, puffed rice. We also recommend you pick up umami seasoning, made from the mushrooms, that can elevate even the most boring dish. 

What Could Be Better

Since the service practices sustainability, they only offer a limited number of items, depending on availability and harvest, so don’t expect them to have everything, at all times. 


Green Apron participates in various popups, around the city, so follow them on Facebook to find out where you can meet up with them.