Live Like A Royal At This Hotel That Used To Be The Princesses' Palace In Mysore

    What Makes It Awesome

    In the 1920s, Maharaja Wadiyar IV built Chittaranjan Palace for his three daughters. The sizeable palace has since been converted into a hotel that has retained the charm of its royal past. Once occupied by princesses of the Mysore kingdom, The Green Hotel has been painstakingly restored to give travellers a taste of the royal life.

    Surrounded by vibrant gardens that have been carefully nurtured to include quite a variety in plant life, Green Hotel is a whitewashed hotel with its window hoods and shutters painted green. Stroll about in the garden with bright-coloured blossoms, that's an instant mood-booster. It's not just the greenness in its gardens and the building that gives the hotel its name. The Green Hotel prides itself on being an eco-friendly property, using solar energy and recycled water for its operations, and all profits generated are donated to charity.

    There are thirty-one rooms in all at The Green Hotel, and we love that each of them – big or small – have their own style. Since the rooms come without air conditioning, we suggest that you book yourself a nook in the garden block where you’ll have a cool terrace garden to loll about in. Inside, you’ll find the rooms decked up with vintage beds, furniture and wooden rafters. The thing we love is that while this is a hotel, the rooms still give out a homely feel, from back in the day.

    When you need a breather from sightseeing, we think you should spend quality time lounging around the hotel. The common areas in the hotel are simply beautiful-- featuring stained glass windows, old world rocking chairs (pretty much all the decor really) , and there’s even a library where you can catch up on your reading.


    The hotel is also home to a restaurant and coffee shop. You can tuck into European, Chinese, and Indian fare at the restaurant. Their cinnamon toast served during evening tea is a big hit with patrons. Malgudi, their coffee shop, is a must visit because it is run exclusively by women from the marginalised sections of society. Trained by French bakers, this awesome brigade of women are known to serve the some of the best bakery treats in town.