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New House? DIY Tips On Decorating It To Be The Home Of Your Dreams

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A new house is a blessing until you're hit the part where you need to finally start decorating and having to pull through this seems like an ordeal. You're uncertain, but certain you don't want a decorator that breaks the budget but still want to turn this space into a cosy home for everyone. All this while making sure to reflect your personal style. Phew! We're swooping in (like always) but this time to save you from making a mess with decorating with the wrong fabrics, decor, furniture and more. All you need are these easy, DIY tips and these products to achieve that pro interior designer approved look with success. Read on to make a home out of your new house (all products linked and easy to buy online) and save this list for future reference. 

Set The Mood With Wall - Paint, Paper or Decals

Setting the tone right, right when you enter the new house is important. It basically gives you the lay of the land and tells you what to expect as you move forward. One good way to determine an aesthetic would be to take into consideration how your home is designed from the outside. If it's modern, stick to a contemporary vibe, or if it's desi or traditional or cottage-style, roll with the same. Check out our guides on How To Set Up a Desi Household, a Vintage or Goan Home and more, here. You can also begin at the front door, we mean the foyer in case you live in one of those homes that look generic from the outside. Of course, it's important to take into consideration things like flooring, storage, and fixtures here. Use this list of Products to Create a Killer First Impression in your Entryway. Now to the important and easiest bit - if the tips above don't suit you try paint, wallpapers or wall murals and one of our favourites, wall decals to add character without the commitment. If you're painting to fill the blank canvases, stick to neutrals like beige or grey especially in the entryway or living room to make them feel larger and give you more leeway in terms of decorating. You can also be smart and introduce a vibrant/bold colour as one focal wall and use that shade in the smaller accessories like pillows, vases or rugs to tie the room together. Here's a guide on How To Add More Colour to Your Home. Wallpaper has come a long way too, with gorgeous watercolour mural wallpapers being a big hit! We're in love with changeable wall decals in different themes to add fun and a certain playfulness. Check out brands like eCraftIndia, Clean Slate, and Design Mint Decor. Our top pick - this Dog Face Wall Cutout.

Dress The Windows But Not Everywhere

Identify all the windows in your home and get to breathing a new lease of life into them with luxurious or light drapes - this is important. Based on the room you're in, pick floor-length drapes (bedrooms will benefit from these) or plantation shutters (best for smaller, kitchen or bathroom windows). Pairing and layering is a great option too, maybe opt for one curtain (front one, preferably) to be sheer or lace to allow for more light and top that with another lightweight fabric - cotton, linen, silk blends are all great options and fall well too. This way you're blending functionality with elegance. Now while dressing bare windows seems like a natural instinct, note that sometimes it's okay not to drape every window, especially smaller accent windows. Leave them be, they will help balance out the bigger, draped windows. Check out this list of Cool Curtains. Some other brands to explore will be Zeba, The Shop, HOME, Ibbani Designs, and Deco Window

Layer Lighting Across The Home

You may miss this while flipping through the pages of a home decor magazine but if a setup picture didn't have it, you will stop and take notice. We're talking about lighting and layered lighting at that. It's a trick that every interior designer has come to make a permanent part of their books and it's easy to understand why. Remember that new homes will take a big hit if it isn't well lit. This is because you will never realise its true potential without optimum light. And for this you need to invest in three kinds - ambient, for overall illumination (lavish or edge ceiling light fixtures for this); table or task, found on side tables, kitchen corners, reading spots and accent or decorative lights to draw attention or highlight. Also, use intuition to layer sort lights with more in-your-face options to build atmosphere. For a staggering set of options - pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps, head to LBB's Lighting section. For a more curated version, here are our Top Lighting Picks across styles.

Textiles Take Things To The Next Level

Pillows and throws or cushion covers are truly godsends. They are quick and easy and mind you, super affordable ways to introduce texture, colour, and character to your home. Do not undermine their presence especially if you find Cushion Covers Curated To Different Styles or options in brands like Fundane, House This, Sashaa World, or Kairu, and Ode & Cleo. These tiny elements can also be switched up every now and then. Don't forget to concentrate on flooring - carpets & rugs too. The living and dining room, of course, calls for big carpets that cover all the four legs of the furniture - Dazzhome and Award Velvets are your best bet for this. Basically, find flooring that defines the seating area in these spaces. Smaller rugs and carpets are known to throw things out of scale but bathrooms and bedrooms benefit from smaller, statement rugs from the likes of Saraswati Global, Jasmey Homes, and Amoliconcepts. Find a more trendy collection of rugs and carpets here

Decor & Accessories For Character

There's so much you can do with home Accessories and Decor - especially if you land LBB's shop page but rule one is to always keep things interesting. Like we recommend mixing Upcycled Decor with Vintage Pieces or introduce Blue Pottery in intelligent ways. Mixing old and new to create a touch of rustic here and there or rolling with a theme (earthy decor, metal only, monochromatic, indie) is also a good idea. One piece of functional decor that experts recommend through and through are mirrors. Hang or place a mirror in every room to add the illusion of space and extra dimensions to a boxy room. Mirrors also make a space so much brighter and bounce light rather beautifully. Other common pieces of decor would include wall art (pro-tip says install floating shelves wherever you can, so you can switch up the decor on it to keep things interesting 365 days of the year), vases, lamps, stools, and candles and candle holders. Statement paintings are absolute winners too and will make your new home look - check out brands like Evolve, wefeelsame, liactuallee and Sew for this. If you're on a tight budget, we've got you covered with this list of Cheap but Expensive-looking Decor.

Bonus: Room Wise Breakup & General Tips

Pick furniture not just to fill space, especially the living area. Be sure to set it up with paint and furnishings first and then pick matching furniture. Your dining room, on the other hand, needs the dining table first, it is the centerpiece. Be sure to measure everything furniture and your space. Check these guides on How To Set Up An Indian Living Room and a Cosy Living Room for extra tips. For your dining table, here are some Expensive-looking But Cheap Accents. Your bedroom is equally important, if not more - you spend 1/3rd of your life in it, so be sure to buy the right Mattress and Bedding using this guide. Also, Add Colour To Your Bedroom with these tips. Bathrooms benefit from plants and Cool Planters. Don't forget to do it up with these specially picked Bathroom Accessories too. If yours is a desi home, here's How to Set Up A Traditional Kitchen. If you have children, here are Brands That Make Decor For Kids Rooms. Lastly, but importantly, many homes have come to incorporate a Home Office, you too can set yours up with these simple accessories and decor pieces.

Voilá! Your new HOME is now ready!