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A Definitive Guide To Buying The Right Mattress & Bed Sheets For Quality Zzz's

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Studies show that you spend at least 1/3rd of your life's existence in bed. That's quite a bit or too little (depends on who's reading). Either way, we won't get to breaking down how important a good night's (day's) sleep is because this will then turn into a never-ending essay. What we will point to though, is the need to pick out the right mattress and bed sheets to go with, because without the two consider yourself perpetually exhausted no matter if you sleep for 8 hours or more. 

In this definitive two-part guide, we tackle mattresses first and then bed sheets and in the process help you navigate and understand what you may like and what you most definitely should buy. Sadly, most people settle for substandard sleep aka mattresses and bed sheets and we just want to put an end to that! Read, save and share to help everyone wake up happier the next day.

Your Mattress Is Your Bedrock, Make Informed Decisions

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Step 1: Right before you get onthe hunt, examine your old mattress. See if it really needs changing, but more importantly use it as a reference to what you most certainly do not want in your next pick. It could be a change in material, size or just feel. Also, correlate the type of sleeper you are to this. It is said that different sleeping positions have different support requirements - stomach and back sleepers prefer firm, less conforming beds while light sleepers prefer softer mattresses. Similarly, heavy sleepers often opt for firm while light sleepers take the soft route. Note, you will find a lot of information on this online. Identify what type you are and get to researching for the perfect fit. 

Step 2: Some brands and options you can explore here in India would be Kurl-On's Kurlo Coir Rubberised Firm Coir Mattress or the Sleep Company's Plush SmartGrid Luxe Mattress or the SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress and the Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress. Sleepwell, Duroflex or Flo Ergo are other reputed brands to add to the list. The LBB Crew are particularly fans of SleepyCat, an Indie mattress brand that specialises in making original mattresses and donates to charity and Wakefit for their affordable and orthopedic options. If you want a sustainable, environmentally friendly option, check out Kana Mattress for their 100% biodegradable Kapok cotton beds and pillows.

Step 3: Another pointer is to consider the top "types" of mattresses - of course memory foam (hugely popular), followed by innerspring, gel, pillow-top, latex and airbeds. 

Step 4: To do all of the above, you must test out the mattress you want in person. Avoid making online purchases as much as possible, and just running your hand across the bed when at a store. Visit offline stores that allow you to test out the mattress and go prepared to snooze! If you can't go there, we're letting you in on this cool brand called The Ministry of Sleep - check out their online store and opt for their 100-night trial period! That's right, they will deliver the mattress you pick to your doorstep and have you try it out for a 100 nights. If you don't like your experience by the end of the trial period, you can return the (undamaged) mattress and you will get a full refund. 

Step 5: Lastly, don't worry about splurging. Take note of the costs, yes, but a mattress is a one-time investment if you make the right choice. Remember that.

Bed Sheets Affect Mood & Sleep Patterns Too - Surprise, Surprise!


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Step 1: To stay in between the sheets for a long, long time, you've got to choose the right kind. Many factors come into play here. We want you to start with the type of linen for which you have got to read the fiber content. Fiber content equals feel and softness. Of course, nothing better than 100% cotton that's soft and affordable but if you want luxury, we give you Bedlam. This Indie luxe bedding label is all about minimal aesthetic and super high-quality, minus overwhelming options. From classic white bedding to breathable and comfortable flax linen sheets, an LBB Crew member also recommends the 400+ thread count sheets and their exclusive 500 to 1000+ monogrammed sheets for a royal feel. The brand also makes plush duvets and quilts to just sink into. Also check out Saphed for their linen and biodegradable European flax sheets in earthy colours. ELS cotton, Egyptian or Pima are also great options, but expensive. If you want a cheaper alternative that doesn't stink, cotton or polyester blend is your best bet. This may have a synthetic feel but it is also more durable and less prone to wrinkling.

Step 2: Don't obsess over thread count. A sweet spot would be between 300 to 500 for the right amount of softness and strength. 200 count sheets are what's more commonly available, at least here in India and they aren't all that bad. May not be as comfortable but you can also touch and feel and determine the same. Check out brands like Sashaa World, Sadyaska and Jaipur Fabric for options.

Step 3: Always check for sizing. All that effort you spent into finding the perfect mattress goes flying out the window if you assume the sizing of your bed sheets. In most cases, standard king or queen bed sheets don't fit, some shrink after laundering even. It is best to measure the size of your mattress before and compare. Opt for fitted sheets if need be. 

Step 4: Try adding colour and fun prints/patterns to help brighten the bedroom and your mood. Psychologists believe that colourful bed linen can simulate emotions and behaviour. So use it to subconsciously influence the vibe to get it - relaxing (blues), steamy (reds), sunshine (yellow), comfort (green) and more. Throw in patterns in some cases, just because! Brands like Over A Pint Of Beer, Klotthe and Sleeping Owls should be your go-to for this. While you are experimenting, here are 9 linen brands that are anything but boring and 6 quirky bed sheets we've curated for you. If you're a little more particular and always going back to Bombay Dyeing, we've found bedding just as good in these brands too!

Step 5: A rookie mistake when buying bed sheets and linen is not checking for return policies. Sometimes, only when you try and sleep in it do you know whether or not you enjoy the bed sheet. Brands that sell online are more accommodating of this, FYI. Try LBB's bed sheets.


Wrap this quest of finding the right mattress and bed sheet with some cute/pretty/minimal/ott cushions, pillows and cushion covers