Love Vibrant, Retro Prints? Get Bags By This Brand To Channel Different Decades

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re that friend who has an appropriate bag for every occasion and requirement, then Gurbanji’s is your perfect match. Based out of Bangalore, Gurbanji makes handcrafted bags in exclusive designs that pop and delight. Using materials like cotton, canvas, and quilting cotton among other things -- all fabric basically -- they also feature cute and vibrant prints on the bags. We’re loving their range of pouches that feature everything from Marvel Characters to the Looney Tunes. Their sling bags really put the pop in popular, because you’ll find everything from sparkly (yet not gaudy) potli bags for when you want something slightly fancy to handbags with funky, retro prints. 

We are totally in love with their prints in general. Floral, lush, and sometimes quilt-themed, they definitely catch the eye. All their bags are also spacious with pockets, panels, and nifty zips within. All so streamlined (kinda like Hermoine’s bag that can hold an endless number of things within it after putting the Undetectable Extension Charm), and with contemporary shapes (totes, reversible, roll, and a few boxy ones), there’s one for every aesthetic. Our favourites are in the ‘Royal’ range for their rich designs and patterns. Prices range between INR 250 to INR 2,200 and they ship across India.


If you want to add cute add-ons like cards you can. They also have (very limited numbers) of fabric storage baskets and laptop sleeves