Cushion Covers, Towels, And Blankets: This Brand Makes Home Basics Fun

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Haber Living

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What Makes It Awesome

A hand towel might be the most basic home linen out there, but it's super useful, especially when you have a habit of just wiping your hands dry on your clothes (eyes away from this writer please). Haber Living is a brand that does a range of home linen that's enough to make this writer want to ditch his habit of wiping his hands dry on his t-shirt. We are talking towels for both bath and hand, blankets for both couches and beds, cushion covers, and while they are not linen, but still useful, bamboo toothbrushes and travel cutlery sets. 

Let's talk towels first. More specifically, the bath towels that come in beautiful prints, you are almost left wondering if they are towels or some comfy shawl. And that's not all, these come in various colours and patterns, so say bye to those white towels and say hello to geometric patterns and solids like orange and aqua. Haber Living's range of cushion covers are available on Shop On LBB and we recommend you definitely take a look at them. And buy them if you fancy them, since there's nothing like too many cushions. Our picks would be the colourful ones with geometric patterns.