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Chicken Gol Guppas, Rainbow Sliders And Zany Cocktails: Time To Get Hammered

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Pumpy music, quiet spaces, hookah, interesting cocktails and quirky food – Hammered packs in plenty but without burning a hole in your pocket.

Chow Down

Hammered Rainbow Sliders, Chicken Sukka Gol Gappa and wood-fired pizzas

Sip On

Old Fashioned, Midnight With Mary and Like It Sideways

Winning For…

Ambience, location, choice of music and the numerous flavours of hookah.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Even if this place had nothing else, the ambience would be a good enough draw. There’s elegant interiors, with printed arm chairs a la Downton Abbey, a chic picnic bench set-up in the courtyard, and once you walk the dramatic wooden ramp {with the wall splashed with art along the way} up to the first floor, the club atmosphere will take over. Cool quotes {like ‘Once upon a time I didn’t care. I still don’t. The End.}, painted bottles strung up on the walls, London telephone booths, and even a pop-up painting {perfect for a selfie/Snap story} make it a fun place to be.

Bring On The Quirk

Upping the experimental factor, Chicken Sukka Gol Gappa was first up. With piquant tamarind water and spicy chicken, we really enjoyed this one. But what we loved for flavour and aesthetics were the uber cute Rainbow Sliders — mini chicken sliders in coloured buns. Prawn Volcano {in a red wine and oyster sauce} wasn’t our favourite, possibly because the Tum Nacho {clever, eh?} overshadowed it. Who doesn’t like their nachos homemade loaded with cream cheese, sour cream and tangy salsa. Bhel Peri Peri though amusing, didn’t quite cut it.

Keep It Simple

The thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas {we tried Chicken Pesto and Queen Margharita} and are made in the traditional style, so no messing about here. We also had the Kori Roti with Mangalorean chicken curry and were very impressed. But then again, when one partner {Likith} is a Shetty, they ought to get it right! We really liked the Penne in Basil Pesto — creamy, homely and clearly made from fresh basil.

Mix It Up

For the fun of it, stay away from classics as the house cocktails are quite zany but not bizarre. Midnight With Mary was rum, coconut water, litchi crush and lime juice, and our personal favourite. We must admit we do Like It Sideways too, especially for the interesting mix of vodka and red wine with sours, cranberry and watermelon. Don’t forget the hookah selection which offers everything from mint, watermelon and cool lemon to the more intriguing supari, Maghai pan and cigar.

So, We’re Thinking…

Their prices {like the music} are a throw back to the 90s and noughties! Cocktails at INR 200, folks! While the food is good, it’s not mind blowing. Our advice? Skip the mains. Service is

When: Sunday-Thursday, 10am-11.30pm and Friday-Saturday, 10am-1am

Price: INR 1,000 for two

Contact: +91 7022505416

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currently slightly slow, but we’ll presume that’s because it’s very new.