Ten-Second Takeaway

Learn the fine art of block printing on fabric paper at regular workshops offered by artist Pooja Gokul under her label Block Beauty.

Building With Blocks

An artist and art educator by profession, as she claims on her website, Pooja studied visual arts at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat. Apart from specialising in sketching {charcoal}, portraiture and block printing paintings, she also conducts regular block printing classes where she teaches participants how to print on fabric, wood, canvas and paper {think dining linen, napkins, scarves, tees, handkerchiefs, wrapping paper and more}. Start with one colour block first and as you learn the know how of printing with blocks, begin experimenting with two or three of different colours.

Block of talent

Pooja also customises and sells blocks in all sizes and designs made out of sturdy teakwood by professional block makers who she claims have been making these for over two decades. The designs created on the block are called buttas and range from an inch to 12 inches. She also offers tips on how to take care of your blocks and maintain them. The artist also takes orders on printing on cloth and offers starter kits for those who want to try their hand at this age-old textile technique.