The Gorgeous Handcrafted Textiles From Anokhi Are Totally Worth The Price

    Sheshadripuram, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Anokhi is a beautiful store which deals in colourful and diverse apparel. The patterns on the fabric are printed by wooden blocks, it's a very slow process and made totally by hand. Various styles of patterns are seen here. The tracing of the pattern on the wooden blocks and then carving leads to beautiful pieces of art.

    What Could Be Better?

    Some people might find it expensive, but the price is totally justified as it is hand-printed. The sizing is a little different here. My size is usually Small or Medium, but at Anokhi XS is big for me, which I'll admit I celebrated. But maybe they need to figure out their sizing a little better.

    Anything Else

    They even sell wooden blocks, so you can try printing at home. You should definitely try it. These can be used for multiple purposes. The easiest and quickest idea is stamping them on a greeting card or a thank you note!
      Sheshadripuram, Bangalore