You Need This Brand’s Handmade Clay Ceramic Tableware And Pottery

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Aruna is a self-taught potter with a penchant towards all things clay. Even though we aren’t invoking you potterheads out there, she’s upto some sorcery with her brand, Clay Rack. Selling handmade ceramic tableware, planters and pots, you’d need more than ‘handle with care’ these beauties. Clay Rack’s designs are unique, inspired from nature and surroundings around Aruna’s bustling neighbourhood. You will find many hues of greens, indigos, leaves and block printed designs on her crockery as well as about anything, from a cycle to the famous Howrah Bridge. Each product is an inspired piece and the brand does no fixed set of designs. 

    Clay Rack’s plates, platters and bowls are hits amongst customers as they are made of the finest clay stoneware, sweltered in high temperatures with lead free glazes. Aruna ensures to avoid the use of pigments and synthetic colours, thereby making sure the ceramics are food safe. With glazes of matte and gloss, the feel is smooth and there are close to zero rough edges in the brand’s tableware. Customisations can be entertained based on your colour requirements and we’re told off-whites and earthy tones like greens and indigos are in demand for their aesthetic appeal. Prices range from INR 250 - INR 2,500 and you can get their bowls, platters and plates in six, eight and 12 inch sizes. Feel free to order from their website.


    If you order more than 10 pieces, you get 10 percent off on the total amount

      Available Online