Giraffe Lamps & Sea-Themed Ceramics: This Local Decor Brand Will Add Personality To Your Home


Offering one-of-a-kind collections, Bangalore’s very own Handwork Studio is just the place for quirky finds. From ceramic plates embellished with outlines of a hibiscus to wooden giraffe lamps- they offer plenty that’ll brighten your home.

Design Details

Blending design, craft and sustainability – Handwork Studio, an online brand, offers the decor-obsessed a range of products. Their designs are simple and fit in well with a modern home. Our favourite from their featured collections is the Play Lamps. We especially have our heart set on a wooden, giraffe lamp that we think will make the perfect addition to a cosy reading corner. It’s on sale right now and available at a mere INR 980 if you’d like to grab one!

Their vintage lamps collection too is worth browsing through. Their square and angled wall lamps that are fitted with filament bulbs will add an air of cosiness to your home, we are sure. If you like to add a touch of quaint to your cutlery cupboard too, we recommend the sea-themed ceramics that have hand-sketched details on them. The blooming hibiscus plates too are a great find and come with matching table linen too.

Wall Wonders

Love Bangalore and want to showcase the city in your home? Then, pick out a few ceramic tiles that are adorned with the Garden City’s iconic landmarks like Lalbagh’s Glass House and Town Hall. We also love their bookmark collection that’s crafted from wood and fashioned like fish, guitars, doggie paws, and whatnot. This along with their artful trinket boxes, also made from wood, make for excellent budget giveaways.