Cook Up A Storm With Recipes And Fresh Ingredients, Courtesy Happy Cook


Happy Cook promises to simplify the process of cooking by delivering ingredients sourced, cut and weighed according to your chosen recipes and servings.

Cook It Up

Apparently, 97 per cent of Bengaluru residents believe eating out frequently is harmful for their health. Yet, they do. That’s exactly what Happy Cook, a city-based ‘unfood-tech’ company, is trying to change. Retaining the ‘artistic’ aspect of cooking, they have solved the physically exhausting aspects like sourcing, cleaning, cutting and portioning. Choose your dish and the number of servings, and they send you cutely packaged boxes with fresh-cut veggies, pre-marinated meat, pre-portioned ingredients and a detailed instruction card — all so you can cook up a storm at home. It’s almost like a date in your kitchen. You and cooking, nothing else in between!

Pick from their starters and sides like Chilli Garlic Prawns, Bhindi Masala and Koorka Ularthiyathu {stir-fried Chinese potato}, and mains which include Malabar Fish Curry and Punjabi Chicken Curry. They also have combos which come with chapati or rice.

Must Eat

I ordered the Coorgi Mushroom Masala. My eyes lit up when the neatly packaged box arrived on schedule at my doorstep, hand delivered by one of the co-founders of the company. It was great fun cooking this dish for my parents. The cooking time was around 30 minutes and the Coorgi Mushroom Masala turned out exactly the way it was shown on the box. Paired with chapati and rice, it was spicy, peppery and fiery, and tasted every bit gourmet. The portions were also adequate and value for money. I’ve already set my mind on trying the Singapore Chilli Crab Masala and Paneer Jalfrezi, next time around.

Must Drink

They haven’t entered this space yet, but perhaps, they should. Pre-portioned cocktail mixes that come powdered, don’t you think?

Who Is It For?

It’s definitely for people who love cooking but hate the prepping part as well as for those who want to try cooking, but don’t have the time to figure out the entire jigsaw. Or even people who are bored with the dal-chawal routine and want to take weekday dinners for a spin and treat themselves to an Indian gourmet night — right in their kitchen!

What We Loved

While we loved the concept, the quality of food and freshness of ingredients were also impressive. The micro-attention that the team has put into what they dish out to customers is also evident in the packaging, which comes with cute little stickers and boutique recipe cards!

What Didn't Impress Us

The fact that we have to order a box in advance, and is not available for instant cravers. But they seem to have an in-arguable explanation— all meal-kits are hand-crafted for the customer; all ingredients that go in are apparently freshly picked from the market after an order is placed. We can’t ask a business to compromise on freshness, can we?

When Is The Ideal Time To Order

They take orders around the clock, but deliver in specific time slots.


This makes for a great opportunity for couples to cook together or even for friends to get together and have a fun cookout session.

Price: INR 99 upwards

Contact: +91 9740334455

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