This Home Linens Store In Rajajinagar Will Have You Travelling All The Way There

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Haryana Handloom Kemp in Rajajinagar is a piece of heaven when it comes to home linens, rugs and blankets. Head here to add funky and colourful pieces to your collection!

What Makes It Awesome

Haryana Handloom Kemp in Rajajinagar is a gold mine when it comes to bed linens and rugs. Don’t be fooled by the tiny size and unkempt state of the store. Look closely and you’ll realise it’s got some great collections. From bedsheets and blankets to cushions and mattresses, this will become your haunt (even if you have to travel all the way here). In curtains, they have floral designs and quirky patterns in sombre colours that will look great with any furniture. In bedsheets, they have cotton fabrics which are great for the summer. Keep an eye out for ones with ethnic motifs and kalamkari designs that will tempt you to sleep early.

When it comes to blankets, they have thick rugs made of wool which are great for winters along with thinner blankets. Their carpets are the traditional ones you usually see at emporiums but are sold at a much cheaper rate. Pick up one of these and add festivity to your otherwise regular life. Rugs and mats here are available for outside the main door, bathroom and balconies. All this and more starting at INR 50, why wouldn’t you want to check this out?


Make sure you have enough time when you visit to shop here because all their products are kept in long stacks and it may take a while until you find something you like.