Heading To Manipal? Then You Have To Go To This Iconic Restaurant Known For Its Ghee Roast


    Bacchus Inn in Manipal is the place to head to when you are travelling through town. Because these guys do a mean ghee roast and their rava fried seafood and vegetables are classic too.

    An Old Tradition

    In Manipal, the name Bacchus is synonymous with Ghee Roast. Be it Chicken, Paneer or even Gobi, all students, teachers and residents of this town {and even neighbouring ones} flock here to get a plate of the spicy delicacy, dripping in ghee, along with a cold drink. Head here to get a plate of their crunchy rava fried vegetables or fish and the spicy sauce they serve along with it. Soak it all up with some delish neer dosa. Sit down in one of their booths, if you get space, or sit outside. Make sure you come with your squad, a speaker and a stacked playlist. Because these guys let you play your own music. How cool is that!

    Everything on Bacchus’ menu tastes good — everything. Order anything off the menu and you will not be disappointed. From vegetarian to chicken, and fish to prawn, and even oysters and shark, this place is stocked! They also have local dishes like kori roti, ghee roast and chicken sukka and their menu extends to the ever so popular Indo-Chinese Manchurian and Schezwan.