Healthy Bites Turns Veggies & Fruits Into Crispy Snacks!,


    What Makes It Awesome

    Avoiding what one loves the most, is not the way to live, c'mon! Mainly when it involves forgoing snack time because it can increase those pounds. So, to get your mind off the calories and on the good stuff, we've found you, Healthy Bites. This online food company is putting the health in munchies and the happy in the health-conscious (we can see you smile, health nuts!) with its range of Indian snack specialities. They also guarantee an end to the need of gravitating back to junk! Yas!

    Straight up, all their snacks are vacuum fried, which is nothing but a healthier alternative to regular frying. There is much less oil absorption, no compromise in taste, in short it's good for you and maybe all snacks should be made this way. Healthy Bites has some fantastic options to try, Kabuli Chana, Jackfruit Chips, Bitter Gourd, Okra, Carrot and Beetroot, even Garlic and Papaya Chips. Delish. 

    Fried in sunflower oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, these snacks can last upto 6 months from the date of manufacturing as long as they are kept in an air tight container once opened. Prices range between INR 230 to INR 330, and we can't wait to buy some through Shop On LBB and get eating. We also hear that Healthy Bites make for great accompaniments to Indian food. Imagine some piping hot daal rice and those garlic chips, eh?