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Ditch The Sugars & Gift These Healthy Hampers Instead


    Sure there are many sweet boxes to send to the fam and squad, or for the usual stream of visitors, but health is a pretty big trend if you ask us. No, we won’t blame you if the thought of sugary sweets, and oily snacks, make you a little queasy. So we spoke to a set of people who have made fitness their priority, or is already a way of life for them to help us out with a few pointers, products, and personal recommendations. Of what? Ingredients they look out for, snacking favs, and healthy alternatives to usual snacks. Here’s our list of healthy munchies! 

    Thank Rahul For Extra Brownie Points

    High Protein Brownie

    You can’t really go wrong with brownies, right? Whether you’re entertaining or sending out a batch, you will literally get brownie points! Rahul Bhawnani, our resident fitness junkie swears by Feel Mighty’s high protein brownies be it post workout, or a midnight snack. Protein is one of the best ways to help muscle recovery (and growth if that's your aim). On cheat days, feel free to heat, and slather on some Nutella he says! You can check out his review here.

    Bites For Peak Performance By Siddharth

    Tender Coconut Water - (Pack Of 24)

    Tender Coconut Water - (Pack Of 24)


    A professional athlete, Siddharth says it’s “not one thing or another, it’s a combination of everything”. So if you have a friend (or you) who is all about maintaining a body and metabolism that’s all about peak performance, don’t skimp on fruit, nuts, tender coconut water (he swears by this, so make friends with your neighborhood coconut seller), and milk right after a workout. He also munches on Nature Valley Protein Bars.

    Keep It Sweet & Simple With Rayees

    Jaggery Creamy Peanut Butter

    Jaggery Creamy Peanut Butter


    A photographer who lives a very disciplined life when it comes to fitness, Rayees loves smoothies. He also avoids sucrose (sugar from cane sugar basically), and gets his sugars from fruit, and other natural sources. If you have a buddy or family member who is the assigned fitness freak, give them some love in the form of peanut butter. A box full of these and some bananas in your fresh fruit basket hamper, and you’ve made their day, we swear. If you’re inviting them home, consider ditching the laddoos for greek yoghurt based dessert (add some nuts, and some fruit, and it’s a parfait!). All those mini mason jars you've been collecting for years was made for this! Read more about the some goood peanut butter here

    Calorie Dense Overnight Oats By Narasimhan

    Vegan Cocoa Powder

    Vegan Cocoa Powder


    A strength and conditioning coach (who also coached many a junior basketball team), for the most part, Narasimhan eats calorie dense foods. For those of you who live a super active lifestyle or have a squad who does, look no further! Calorie dense foods include nuts, oils, butters, avocado, egg yolks, and the like. His go-to snack is oats with walnuts (or almonds), peanut butter, milk, cocoa powder, banana, and water. An awesome gift idea is to send people a bunch of each (dry ingredients pre-mixed) in mason jars for a cute DIY kit instead of the usual sweets. And you get most of these on LBB! 

    Go Natural With Dr. Poorvi Bhat

    Masala Daani (Container)

    Masala Daani (Container)


    A nutritionist that specialises naturopathy and Ayurveda, Dr. Poorvi (aka herbershwari on Instagram) says most sweets and snacks aren't too bad if you switch out refined sugars with natural sugars (coconut sugar, palm sugar, jaggery, dates syrup) as much as possible. Switching to cold pressed seed oils to increase the palatability, flavour and nutrient profile is also another option. For the environmentally conscious and those into superfoods, well roasted seeds can be added to laddoos, or as garnishes. Adding fresh ground spices over powdered ones will give enhanced flavour and more nutrients as the antioxidants die out with storage. So make a barfi or laddoo out of roasted seeds, maybe gift them a set of essential spices, with an essential spice box (especially from this brand), and you’ll get extra brownie points!