Like knights in shining armour, these snack-based start-ups come to our rescue every day when the hunger pangs hit, and the weighing scale is no longer kind to us. Low cholesterol, less oil, not fried and essentially healthy, you can have the munchies curated and delivered to you to make life easier too.


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Originally servicing only Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, Vinayak and Ankita Mehta have now taken Snackosaur nation-wide. Aiming to control the snacking you do by delivering a snack box only once a fortnight, they load it up with five different sorts of munchies. Sweet, salty, nutty or seedy, they try to pack in as much variety. Plus, a surprise element with each box. While the usual granola bars, dried fruit mix and wholewheat oat cookies are part of the list, we love their unusual offerings such as strawberry wasabi peas, broad beans, roasted edamame and jalapeno peanuts even more so. They have a trial box (INR 299) if you want to test waters first.

Price: INR 598 for two boxes per month, INR 1,699 for six boxes across three month, or a la carte INR 65 upwards.

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to order.

The Munch Box

Munchbox, Snackbox, home delivered, snacks, munchies, granola, healthy eating, healthy snacks

Delving into our dark desires, The Munch Box by the guys at iTiffin, offers comfort snacks we Indians so love to gorge on. Think baked namkeen, roasted dried fruit and jowar cookies. What is great is that they even have categories like Protein Rich, Diet Snacks, Low Fat and even a Mixed Box that will give you a variety. Granola bars, puffed rice, chana dal, prunes, dried cranberries are the more interesting offerings. They claim to have zero trans fat and cholesterol, as well as no artificial colour or flavour. Did we mention it’s all portion controlled?

Price: INR 449 upwards a week.

Check out their website here to order your box.

The Nibble Box

Snackbox, home delivered, snacks, munchies, Nibblebox, granola, healthy eating, healthy snacks, beach, running

We couldn’t get through a single sentence without drooling, and of course, eventually ordering from The Nibble Box. Masala chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, black cranberries, green raisins, peanuts, cashews tossed in fragrant herbs such as rosemary, basil, oregano, bay leaves, mint… what is not to like. And that is only under the Spice Trail section. Granola bars, breakfast cookies, and raw bars {Date Day Tripper is our stairway to heaven with dates, peanuts, almonds, honey, oats, walnuts, cocoa and coffee} also lure you into a healthier lifestyle. Each box contains four snacks, each with two servings in them, meaning a box lasts a week. Coupled with quirky names {look at the photo for proof}, we’re sure you’ll be hooked to them in no time.

Price: INR 350 a box, or INR 1,199 for a month, INR 3,299 for three months and INR 5,999 for six months

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to start snacking with them.