Check Out Yummy Falafels And Middle Eastern Food At Habibi Falafel!

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Tried Habibi Falafel, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Indiranagar for a Saturday brunch. Best place to try something new for all the vegetarians.

Started with Rice falafel plate, which includes Mujadara rice with falafel, pickle, french fries the combination of all these tastes good. Tried Pita chips with dips which are baked and topped with masala go with any dips, we had it with three different dips. Pita chips are very crispy and crumbly.

Their Falafel burger consists of falafel platty and eggplant mutabbal along with fries.

Their dessert is my personal favourite, Baklava which is a Levante pastry, many layers of thin filo dough and sugar syrup on top it.

Best restaurant to try out middle Eastern delicacies at a very affordable price.