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This Is The Kookiest, Spookiest Hotel In Sri Lanka: And You HAVE TO Check It Out!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If Salvadore Dali, Antonio Gaudi, The Addams Family, David Bowie and Lady Gaga built a house together then this would be it. Except, Madam Helga (with real aristocratic links) did it all on her own. Kooky, mysterious, spooky — that’s pretty much what quirky hotel Helga’s Folly is all about. Make sure you stop over in Kandy, Sri Lanka just for this.

    And while their website—cluttered yet intriguing with opera music to boot—sets the tone, nothing prepares you for the real life drama. Each room, wall and corridor is completely different and super eccentric The dining room has a candle stand with wax that has accumulated for years; a busty lady welcomes you to the top floor, while four very gentlemanly frogs give you company on the bottom one -- on the walls, of course! Prepare for rooms with wild décor comprising owls, ghouls, skeletons, giant ferns and a large mirror which I ran past for fear of finding a second reflection! 

    Even the bedrooms are outlandish! Though very kooky and theatrical, what with silk saree-esque drapes, satin sheets and yellow mosquito nets, the rooms are homely. A balcony accompanies every room but these are rather useless as monkeys make it their business to wander into rooms and steal peoples bags, passports and sunglasses. I write from experience, so trust me, OK? Oh! And there’s a swimming pool, but the monkeys make themselves at home there too, so maybe avoid jumping in.

    In all the glamour of the house, dinner can’t be far behind naturally. So for a steep $20 (in Sri Lanka at least) we indulged in a five-course meal which was worth it after all. 


    If all this drama is too much for you, you can just have a look around the house for $3 (INR 200 approximately), and it’ll be worth it.